half day tours

ancient corinth tour

From Athens, Corinth is only an one hour drive and a great destination to visit. Departing from Athens, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the coastal road until reaching the beautiful Canal of Corinth. A short stop for coffee and photos of the Canal is a must.

The next stop is Ancient Corinth and Acrocorinth just 10 minutes away from the canal. A great Ionian civilization awaits for you, with findings dated back 5.000 years ago. You will be able to visit the archaeological museum, the Roman odeon, the Acrocorinth and many interesting sites in the same area.

athens half day tour

A tour for visitors with limited time in Athens. We have a panoramic view of Athens from the cliffs of Castella. We arrive to the Acropolis and visit for an hour.

Continue to the impressive Temple of Zeus and its Arch of Hadrian! Our next stop is the marble Panathenian Stadium, home of the 1896 Olympiad.