Athens history

A short history of Athens city!

The rich history of Athens city is the oldest known in humanity, inhabited for 7.000 years. It is reason why Athens is one of the most popular places to visit and have full day tours and half day tours to see the rich archaeological history and the culture!

Athens was an important Mycenaean civilization center by 1.400BC with Acropolis beeing the major fortress of the city with the Cyclopean walls surrounding the area. By 900BC Athens was the most important trading center of Greece and the surrounding countries. One of the most important events in history, the establishment of Democracy, took place in Athens in 508BC.

The great naval power that Athens had, helped the rebellion of the Ionian cities against the Persians, a fact that led to the Greco-Persian wars. The Persian faced a decisive defeat at the battle of Marathon in 490 BC and Salamis in 480 BC. The following decades are known as the Golden Age of Athens, with cultural achievements inspiring the western world.

By the end of the late antiquity Athens was occupied by the Byzantine empire and was prosperous during the crusades benefiting from the Italian trade. In 1458 it was conquered by the Ottoman empire and entered a long period of decline. By the end of the Greek independence war Athens was chosen as the capital of the new independent Greek nation in 1834.


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